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For your better relaxation  we  recommend you to try  body and soul therapy :
* Please order in advance( min 1 hour before)

THAI YOGA MASSAGE  „ gain the benefits of yoga through massage“
Yoga massage is performed in comfortable clothes, lying on the mat. Unlike Western massage techniques, the wizard uses not only the hands, but also elbows, knees and even feet. This allows to work effectively on energy lines and acupuncture points, as well as to carry out a deep kneading, stretching muscles and joints soft opening
Deep stretching of the joints and applied pressure to the muscles improve the body’s flexibility, release tension and increase blood circulation, allowing you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and at peace. Restore your body and calm your mind.
2 hours full body session 30 USD
1 hour head, neck, shoulders and upper back session 15 USD
1 hour legs, hips and lower back sesion 15 USD

PRANIC HEALING „ balance, harmonize and transform“
Pranic healing is a no-touch energy healing system that is based on the self-repairing and healing ability of the body. Pranic healing accelerates this self-healing process by transferring life force or universal energy that is all around us in the sun, air and earth to be recipient to correct physical and emotional imbalances.
 1 hour session 25 USD
SOUL HEALING „ finding the treasures and power inside myself“
Soul healing is an interactive workshop providing you with a custom  journey into to your inner world to help you find the treasures within. You may be dealing with fears or other negative emotions, or simply the idea of not being good enough or perhaps you are seeking control over your inner power or searching for a soul mate. You may be looking for the type of ecstatic happiness that can only come from within.
"Soul-healing" - beyond the effective technique of working with your own mind, body and spirit, in the self-understanding at all levels of existence.
Get rid of complexes. Escaping from fears and phobias, resentment, traumatic stories, guilt, regret, stress and negative experiences of the past, the effects of trauma, rejection itself. Exemption from recurring problems. Change of behavior patterns. The development and acquisition of inner resources, abilities. Improve personal effectiveness -increase self-esteem, freedom from self-doubt and reliance.
2 hours  session 30 USD
About therapist:
Peter is from Slovakia, 44 years old.
Since 2004 until 2014 Peter studied with different spiritual teachers in Slovakia. He has education of alternative spiritual schools specialized in quantum physic, alternative psychology, philosophy and spirituality ( )
Since 2006 until 2014 Peter worked as a life and motivation coach in  Slovakia. He has extensive practical experience in guiding people on their path to self-realization.
After years of practice and studies in 2013 Peter has created his own holistic healing therapy called Soul healing. Therapy is based on understanding of  interactions among soul, mind, memories, emotions and physical body in our daily lifes.
Since 2014 Peter works as a soul healing therapist in Vagabond Temple – international yoga and meditation center in Sihanoukville, Cambodia { }. As a soul healing therapist in yoga center Peter  has helped over two hundred people of all ages and nationalities to make changes in their behaviour and reach new level of consciousness and happiness.
Since january 2015 Peter practices and provides also Thai yoga massage therapy  in international yoga and meditiaton center.